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23 March 2011

Klezmer Podcast 79- Polina Skovoroda and Merlin Shepherd

Klezmer Podcast 79- Polina Shepherd (Skovoroda) and Merlin Shepherd. Polina's recent album is titled Civilization, featuring songs in Yiddish and Russian, accompanied by Merlin with Fanfara. On this album Polina explores her musical roots through Jewish, Tatar, Ukrainian, Cossack, and Russian songs. She talks about the Islamic influence of growing up in Tatarstan. Merlin talks about his growing interest in Turkish Clarinet styles.
Run time: 41:12.
Klezmer Podcast 79

08 March 2011

Klezmer Podcast 78- Yemen Blues

Listen to Yemen Blues on Klezmer Podcast 78 here

Klezmer Podcast 78- Yemen Blues. This episode features the new band Yemen Blues. The band has a self-titled debut album, and is on their first North American tour. My interview guests are bandleader and Lead Vocalist Ravid Kahalani and Trumpet player Itamar Borochov. We hear the track Om Min Al Yaman from the album.
Run time: 36:30.