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25 March 2013

Freedom Vol. 1 by Shemspeed Select

Freedom Vol. 1 by Shemspeed Select

Just in time for Passover, feel the freedom on Shemspeed Select "Freedom Vol. 1." This all-star album explores freedom on all levels-from Bonhom's "Live for Now" anthem to Levi Mordechai's "Ani Od Chai" (I Am Still Alive) to SHI 360's hard-hitting "Hofshia" about female empowerment. Mikey Pauker inspires you to discover Zion within yourself, while Eprhyme's "Shalom Salaam" encourages us to free ourselves "not by money media manipulation...and not by power, but by spirit shall we become free." Soak in the spirit of freedom and download your copy right here!

19 March 2013

Klezmer Podcast 102- Zebrina

Klezmer Podcast 102
- Zebrina. This episode features an interview with Jonathan Feldman, leader of Zebrina, a Toronto-based Klezmer/Jazz fusion band. Jonathan explains his Jazz roots and how he came to Klezmer through his association with John Zorn. The Jazz is straight-ahead, and be sure to check out Jonathan playing the Rhodes keyboard. Zebrina's latest album is Trail Of The Hunter-Gatherers, and we hear the track Garden of Jah from the album. The interview was recorded on 14 February 2013.
Run time: 28:37.

Band members:
Jonathan Kay - clarinet & saxophone
Joel Schwartz - guitar & madolin
Bret Higgins - bass
Colin Kingsmore - drums
Max Senitt - percussion
Jon Feldman - keyboards

12 March 2013

Klezmer Podcast 101- Jenni Alpert

Klezmer Podcast 101- Jenni Alpert. On this episode we take a break from the Klezmer scene and go in a new direction, with Pop singer/songwriter Jenni Alpert. A Los Angeles native, Alpert has been writing her own material for quite some time. She has a smooth sound with a touch of jazz. The interview was recorded on 12 February 2013 after her performance. We hear the track Heaven from her album Take It All.
Run time: 22:08