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24 August 2015

Klezmer Podcast 125- The Spike Orchestra

Sam Eastmond of The Spike Orchestra is a composer, arranger, and Trumpet player in London, UK. The latest album GHETTO is an exploration of WW II life in the Warsaw Ghetto, through a suite of pieces comprising a 20- piece big band, a 10- piece Spiketet, and a Trumpet/Voice duo. Eastmond describes the genre loosely as “Cartoon- Post-Bop Jazz and Klezmer music with a big band.” And that about sums it up. Enjoy our lively, wide-ranging discussion, and a fresh take on Jewish Music. We hear the full track Uprising, and a snippet of Child Smugglers from the album.

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07 August 2015

Klezmer Podcast Monthly Spotify Playlist August 2015

Klezmer Podcast 124 on Mixcloud

Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men's Choir by Klezmer Podcast on Mixcloud

Klezmer Podcast 124- San Diego Jewish Men's Choir

Kochi: A Musical Journey Celebrating The History Of The Jews In India

This episode features an interview with Ruth Weber, Director of the San Diego Jewish Men's Choir. Their latest album, Kochi,  was released today, and blends Jewish and Indian music. This is a new way of thinking about Jewish music, but is reflective of the rich history of Jewish culture in India, particularly the city of Cochin. Featuring instrumental arrangements by Ricky Kej and Vanil Veigas of India, these songs are transformed by the blending of traditional Indian instruments with the Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino texts. We hear the track Sha Shtil from the album. A portion of the album proceeds will be donated to the Gabriel Project Mumbai, providing relief to children living in the slums of Mumbai.
Run time: 23:47