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03 April 2020

Zach Mayer- Modeh Ani

Zach Mayer- Modeh Ani

Music to nourish the soul

The delicate Layehudim is an example of Mayer's spiritual approach to this music. This starts off a cappella then gradually grows to a diffused blend of instruments in what I would call a New Age style, very soothing and reflective in an ethereal aesthetic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        L'kha Dodi gives a new melody to the well-known liturgical passage. Along with Piano and Choir, this is an easy to follow song that is sure to catch on quickly with everyone who hears it.
There are three Nigunim or wordless songs as well, Nigun HitbodedutMeyshke's Nigun, and Floating Pollen, each with a distinctive style and emotional tone. These melodies are also easy to learn, and would enrich any setting where they could be included.

Two versions of Modeh Ani offer a contrast in styles with the upbeat dance version and the ballad version offering something for everyone to enjoy.

The introspective Kumi Lakh is my favorite track from the album, and features muted Trumpet accompaniment and an un-muted solo. 

The traditional Adon Olam gets a fresh new treatment here as well, with voice and Piano in a delicate arrangement as both start softly and build to a rousing conclusion.

Mayer is accompanied by an all-star lineup of long-established musicians and vocalists who really bring this music to life. While we eagerly anticipate the next project he releases, let's all continue to enjoy Modeh Ani and all the joy it has to offer.

Keith Wolzinger
Klezmer Podcast


released April 6, 2019

Zach Mayer - lead vocals, backing vocals and saxophones
Michael Alpert - vocals
Frank London - trumpet
Deborah Strauss - vocals and violin
Lautaro Feldman - eight-string guitar and vocals
Richie Barshay - percussion
Utsav Lal - piano and synthesizer
Mat Muntz - bass
Matias Scheines - violin

The Rimon Choir:
Eliana Willis
Yoel Bibas
Shalev Netanel
Oran Franco
Matan Franco
Solina Rulfs
Cody Robertson

Produced by Lautaro Feldman

Recorded and mixed by Todd Carder at Bunker Studios, Brooklyn NYC
Mastered by John Baker at Philly Post
Artwork and design by Jill Fogel

All music composed by Zach Mayer
(c) 2019 Zach Mayer Music