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28 May 2014

JewJamSouth: A four-day celebration of Jewish choral and Klezmer music at Ramah Darom

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We are excited to announce the launch of a brand-new program at Ramah Darom: JewJamSouth!
JewJamSouth is a four-day celebration of Jewish choral and klezmer music. It is designed for passionate Jewish choral singers, klezmer instrumentalists, Hebrew and Yiddish singers and their families. Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a newcomer, this four-day festival will offer a feast of musical inspiration, ideas and fun!
JewJamSouth is open to people of all levels and backgrounds, and no previous experience is needed. Beginners are welcome.
For more information, visit the JewJamSouth page on our website, or contact Bennie Cohen at bcohen@ramahdarom.orgRegister now!

13 May 2014

Klezmer Podcast 115- Golem

Klezmer Podcast 115- Golem. This episode features an interview with Annette Ezekiel Kogan of the band Golem. The band has released a new album, Tanz, and we hear the title track.
Run time: 23:40.

06 May 2014

Klezmer Podcast 114- Estelle Goldfarb

Klezmer podcast 114- Estelle Goldfarb. This episode features a two-part interview with Violinist Estelle Goldfarb. Estelle talks about her new album Naissance, and her musical journey from classical to hip hop, acoustic to electric. We hear the tracks Tchek and 10h22.
Run time: 41:39.

Update from Estelle, 8 May, 2014:

Dear friends,
I am very happy to let you know that my album “Naissance” is going to be released on 6 May.
You can download it on bandcamp, iTunes as well as order it on http://www.estellegoldfarb.com/?page_id=2133&lang=en
I would like to thank all who joined me on this fantastic journey: the producers, musicians, technicians, guests, photograph, designer, my friends and family.
If you like the album, please post a comment on iTunes or Spotify !
Here is the video to introduce the album, please share it with your friends : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1e_XHX-V3U !

You find here as well the podcasts of my recent radio interviews 

http://www.valleefm.fr/podcast.php: jazz broadcast Vallee FM
And if you want, please like and share this fanpage https://www.facebook.com/estellegoldfarb

Hope to see you soon !

03 May 2014

Klezmer Podcast 113- Sarah Aroeste

Klezmer Podcast 113- Sarah Aroeste. This episode features an interview with Sarah Aroeste, a Ladino singer specializing in music from the Sephardic tradition of Greece. We hear the track Gracia, from her album of the same name.
Run time: 22:19.

Klezmer Podcast 112- Judith Cohen

Klezmer Podcast 112- Judith Cohen. The interview guest on this episode is Judith Cohen, an Ethnomusicologist from Canada. Judith specializes in Judeo-Spanish (Ladino) music. We hear the track Ester Mi Bien from her album Canciones De Sefarad.