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16 November 2016

Klezmer Podcast 130- David Krakauer and Fred Wesley of Abraham, Inc.

Funk meets Hip Hop meets Klezmer

David and Keith

David and Fred in concert

L to R: Socalled, David Krakauer, Eric Stein, Fred Wesley

Clarinetist David Krakauer and DJ Socalled have been great musical collaborators for many years. But the move to add Trombonist Fred Wesley sent them on a new trajectory to a new sonic landscape. Abraham Inc. blends Klezmer, hip-hop, and Funk in a way that creates a new genre that sets a new standard for Jewish music. Here, I sit down with Krakauer and Wesley to find out what motivated them to join forces and create this new sound. Like the track Push, a perfect example of this sound, blending Funk and hip-hop with a nigun. And we also hear Moskovitz Remix, showing how well they can take on a Klezmer tune.                                                                                                                       Run time: 34:50.