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04 June 2013

Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir

Klezmer Podcast 105- Shir. My interview guest on this episode is Ivor Goldberg of the band Shir, based in london, UK. Shir have released three albums, play in Klezmer, Israeli, and Sephardic styles, and sing in Hebrew, Yiddish, and Ladino. We hear two tracks, Shecharchoret and Silver Wedding, both from the album Ashk'farad. Run time: 32:33.

Listen here:

03 June 2013

Klezmer Podcast Spotify Playlist June 2013

 Track List:
All Around Me
New Yemenite
Where You Put Your Feet
Movement 1: Without Beginning- A Voice Says Proclaim
Bessarabian BBQ
Der Alter Ziguener
All You Got
Yosl Klezmer
Tzeitels Nign

Frank London Stone Residency- June 11-15 2013

5 Bands 5 Nights at the Stone NYC!

Tues, June 11 & Weds, June 12 Shekhinah Big Band

Thurs, June 13 Spiritual music: Nigunim, Zmiros, and tsuker-zis (Frank London, Lorin Sklamberg, Rob Schwimmer & guests)

Fri, June 14 Bhangra Brass Party: featuring Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars & guests

8pm: Yiddish Cabaret feat. Eleanor Reissa + Bhangra Brass Party feat. Deep Singh, Sarah Gordon & Manu Narayan 

10 pm: Songs of Zebulon feat. Jeremiah Lockwood & Shoko Nagai + Bhangra Brass Party feat. Deep Singh, Sarah Gordon & Manu Narayan 

Sat, June 15 Trumpet Hazonos: Steve Bernstein & Frank London with Kenny Wollesen & Jamie Saft (World Premiere!)

June 11& 12 Shekhinah Big Band
Saxes: Lynn Ligammari, Marty Ehrlich, Matt Darriau, Petr Cancura, Zach Mayer, Norbert Stachel
Trombones: Matt Haviland, Art Baron, Brian Drye, Jacob Garchik, Curtis Hasselbring
Trumpets: Steve Gluzband, Rob Henke, Ron Horton, John Carlson, Pam Fleming
Rhythm: Brian Glassman, Brian Marsella, Brandon Seabrook, Renato Thoms, Zack Lober, Norberto Goldberg

June 13 Nigunim & Zmiros
Frank London, Lorin Sklamberg, Rob Schwimmer & guests

June 14 Brass Blowout 
Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars (Frank London, Brian Drye - trombone, Ron Caswell - tuba, Patty Farrell - accordion, Aaron Alexander-drums, Matt Darriau - winds) 
with guests
Yiddish Cabaret: Eleanor Reissa
Bhangra Brass: Deep Singh, Sarah Gordon, Manu Narayan & Jeremiah Lockwood
Songs of Zebulon: Jeremiah Lockwood & Shoko Nagai 

June 15 Trumpet Hazonos
Steve Bernstein, Frank London - trumpets, Kenny Wollesen - percussion, Jamie Saft - keys

Sets at 8 & 10 pm each night

The Stone
THE STONE is located at the corner of avenue C and 2nd street

$15 per set
students 13 to 19 $10 per set at all times
children 12 and under admitted FREE

02 June 2013

Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh

Klezmer Podcast 104- Daphna Sadeh. On this episode of the podcast my guest is Daphna Sadeh. Daphna is a musician and composer originally from Israel, and now living in the UK. We discuss her most recent work, Born In Parallel, a four- movement piece combining elements of Middle Eastern, Jazz, and Baroque Classical styles. We also hear the track Gulliver In Jerusalem from the album Reconciliation by her group Daphna Sadeh & the Voyagers.
Run time: 27:44.

Listen here: