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30 January 2013

Klezmer Podcast 99- Heather Klein

Klezmer Podcast 99- Heather Klein. There is a growing number of Yiddish singers around the world these days, but there are only a handful performing Yiddish Art Song. Heather Klein is among this small circle of performers, and from listening to her new album, Heather Klein’s Inextinguishable Trio presents: Shifreles Portret: A Yiddish Art Song Project, you are drawn into this world of Yiddish poetry set to music. Klein’s soprano voice gives life to these songs and the arrangements are perfectly matched to her style and interpretation. We hear In Torbe Funem Vind from the album. English translations are provided on the disc and from her website. This interview was recorded on 5 December 2012.
Run time: 27:55.

Klezmer Podcast 98- Bubbeleh

Klezmer Podcast 98- Bubbeleh. By an act of random coincidence I found myself at a performance of Bubbeleh, a wonderful Los Angeles- based band. They perform a good deal of original material, making the band sound fresh and exciting. I met up with band member Max Kutner after the show, and had a conversation outside on the sidewalk. We hear a track I recorded from their show. Also, be sure to check out their EP. They plan to release a full album soon, and I can’t wait to hear it.
Run time: 14:06

Klezmer Podcast 97- Klezwoods

Klezmer Podcast 97- Klezwoods. There are many bands sprouting up around Boston these days, and Klezwoods has been bringing their own style to the scene for a few years now. I sat down to visit with Sam Dechenne to get an idea of what is happening with the band. We also hear the track Egypt Trip from their latest album The 30th Meridian From Cairo To St. Petersburg With Love.
Run time: 26:02

Kabbalah au States - part one.m4v- Via YouTube

This just in from my friends at Kabbalah:

World Premiere of Frank London's Shekhinah Big Band

This just in from Frank:

World Premiere of Frank London's Shekhinah Big Band

World Premiere of Frank London's Shekhinah Big Band


Only in New York can you find 21 musicians who are all fluent in modern Jazz, free improvisation, traditional Jewish wedding music, Afro-Cuban salsa, and latin jazz. All of these elements coexist in Frank London's biggest and boldest project to date -  the Shekhinah Big Band. Two great traditions, klezmer and big band jazz, come together in one huge project that promises ground breaking music of exquisite intensity and awesomely ecstatic fun.
The band will make their world debut at The Stone, John Zorn's club in the Lower East Side. The Stone is a cradle of creativity, a place to explore, take chances, try out new ideas, and give free reign to the imagination. Like Charles Mingus' legendary Jazz Workshops - which took place just around the corner - the Shekhinah Big Band's Monday night residency will be an opportunity for the band to take chances and find its voice, as a new musical genre is revealed. Audiences will have a rare chance to see and hear the processes of creation unfolding as Shekhinah finds its identity in this workshop
London's original klezmer jazz compositions have been re-interpreted and re-imagined by a coterie of writers, many of whom are in the band. The personnel - a who's who of the radical jewish music world - promises to make the Shekhinah Big Band one of the hottest new bands on this or any scene.
Rob Henke
Steve Gluzband
Pam Fleming
Ron Horton
Justin Mullens
Marty Ehrlich 
Matt Darriau
Doug Wieselman
Petr Cancura
Peter Apfelbaum
Greg Wall
Zach Mayer
Jacob Garchik 
Curtis Hasselbring
Matt Haviland
Brian Drye
Dan Blacksberg
Uri Sharlin
Brian Marsella 
Renato Thoms
Yoshi Fruchter
Brian Glassman
Pablo Aslan
Richie Barshay 
Mike Sarin
Frank London's Shekhinah Big Band Workshops @ The Stone
Mondays, Feb 4, 11 18, 25
8 pm
Frank London's Shekhinah
Big Band Workshops
@ The Stone
Mondays, Feb 4, 11 18, 25
8 pm