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21 April 2009

Watcha Clan New CD

I just received this CD announcement from Watcha Clan. Look for a review and podcast interview soon!

WATCHA CLAN presents :


Nu album coming out the 3rd of april

released by Piranha (Berlin)

available on LP and Download

Diaspora Remixed is a community global beat project featuring
electro-world DJs met on the tour trail around Europe. Transglobal
Underground, Shazalakazoo, EarthRise SoundSystem, Dunkelbunt, Dj Click,
Gaetano Fabri, BalkanXpress, Undergang, Spark, Mars Exist, Barrio
Populaire and Stratman put their personal spin on W-Clan's Diaspora
Hi-Fi, a 2008 World Music Charts Europe top album.


1.Lei Lei Ha (TransGlobal Underground remix)

2.Balkan Qoulou (Shazalakazoo remix)

3.Balkan Qoulou (Dunkelbunt remix feat Cloud Tissa & MC Killo Killo)

4.Tchiribim (Balkan Xpress remix)

5.Goumari (EarthRise SoundSystem remix)

6.Goumari (Shazalakazoo remix)

7.Diaspora Dub (Undergang remix)

8.Limu (Mars Exist remix)

9.Goumari (Dj Click remix)

10.Eli (Gaetano Fabri remix)

11.Eli (Barrio Populaire remix feat Fil-a-fil)

12.Goumari (Spark remix)

13.Les courbes de ton corps (Stratman remix)

available on:

itunes, CD1D, Piranha, emusic, juno, dj download...

Distribution France by Discograph / Germany by Indigo

Digital distribution by Zebralution

We would like to thank all friends, partners and promoters who help us to diffuse the Diaspora Sound...

Peace, Salam, shalom...

Cheers from Marseille.

More infos on:


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