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18 May 2010


MAY 20 thru MAY 30
Curated by Roberto Rodriguez
New York has become a mecca for many young Israeli musicians, and percussionist/composer Roberto Rodriguez has focused his tenure at The Stone on New York's thriving Israeli New Jazz scene. A fabulous week of music featuring some of the most exciting young players now living in New York!

5/20 Thursday
10 pm
Ofer Assaf “Hall of Light” Quintet
Ofer Assaf (sax) Jeff Miles (guitar)
Peter Slavov (bass) Dan Pugach (drums) Ouail Aboulhassane (tabla, percussion)
Ofer Assaf is a jazz saxophonist and composer, and has performed with a wide range of artists including Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock in Carnegie Hall as part of the JVC jazz festival. His debut album “Tangible Reality” ranked in JazzWeek Chartbound's top fifty. Ofer will present his latest project "Hall of Light," inspired by Middle-Eastern, North-African, Jazz and Funk influences.

5/21 Friday (KR)
8 pm
Uri Gurvich Quartet
Uri Gurvich (saxes) Leo Genovese (piano) Peter Slavov (bass) Francisco Mela (drums)
The Quartet released last year their debut, "The Storyteller" on Tzadik records, Radical Jewish Culture series. At their Stone performance, they will present new works by Gurvich. www.urigurvich.com

10 pm
Reut Regev
Reut Regev (trombone) David Phelps (guitars) Mark Peterson (bass) Igal Foni (drums)
Trombonist Reut Regev and drummer Igal Foni will be joined by the R*time gang to play some newer as well as some older R*time repertoire. Yep!

5/22 Saturday
8 pm
Uri Sharlin-DogCat
Uri Sharlin (accordion) Kyle Sanna (guitar) Gill Sharett (bassoon) Rich Stein (percussion) John Hadfield (percussion) Gilad Harel (bass clarinet)
A whole new program written specially for this evening. Featuring Gilad Harel.

10 pm
Avishai Cohen
Avishai Cohen (trumpet) Mark Tumer (tenor sax) Matt Penman (bass) Ari Hoenig (drums)
For this May 22nd performance, Avishai has put together a new repertoire
written specifically for this occasion and these musicians.

5/23 Sunday
8 pm
Jonathan Keren (violin, viola, arrangements) Cordelia Hagmann (violin) Tehila Nini Goldstein (soprano) Dan Nadel, Flamenco (guitar) Miho Zaitsu (cello) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)
DissoNuance comprises internationally acclaimed performers, composers, improvisers and thinking musicians, who live in New York City. We come from different backgrounds: Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock and Folk music- but our passion for high-quality music unites us. We feel people are drawn to music regardless of its style or genre- but rather for its energy and quality.

DissoNuance proposes a creative programing, consisting of early, contemporary, folk, and classical music- all in one concert. Despite the different styles of the pieces, the consistant use of performers and the use of a unifying theme for each concert will create anorganic program, where a new musical language is invented for each concert.To watch a video presentation of DissoNuance go to the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSK0ZgACJPs

10 pm
Gilad Harel (clarinet) Jonathan Keren (vioin, viola) Gilad Cohen (bass guitar)

5/25 Tuesday
8 pm
Gilad Harel
Gilad Harel (clarinet) Uri Sharlin (accordion, nay) Gilad Cohen (guitars)

10 pm
he Rafi Malkiel Ensemble - WATER
Rafi Malkiel (trombone, euphonium, aguaphonium, compositions) Anat Cohen (clarinet) Avishai Cohen (trumpet, aguaphonium) Itai Kriss (flute) Chris Karlic (bass clarinet, tenor sax) Gili Sharett (bassoon) Jack Glottman (piano) Dave Hertzberg (bass) Benny Koonyevsky (drums, percussion) Nestor Gomez (percussion, water) Special guests
Pre CD release party for the new release on Tzadik. Composer and trombonist Rafi Malkiel and his Ensemble are celebrating the release of their Tzadik debut album WATER in a special concert. WATER features all original compositions on the theme of water in its different forms, mixing Middle-Eastern, Eastern-European, Jazz, Classical and Afro-Caribbean elements, and exploring the connection between those traditions and Jewish musical heritage. The unique instrumentation includes six horns and an aguaphonium, a water-wind instrument invented by Rafi. The show takes the listener on a journey through the world of water, continually engaging and surprising with a wide range of dynamics, colors and emotions.

5/26 Wednesday
8 pm
Sexteto Rodriguez Cuban Jewish All Stars
Gilad Harel (clarinet) Jonatahan Keren (violin) Uri Sharlin (accordion, organ, piano, vocals) Itai Kris (flute) Bernie Minoso (bass, vocals) Igor Arias Baro, Roberto Rodriguez (percussion, vocals)
Featuring Gilad Harel, Uri Sharlin, Itai Kriss, Jonathan Keren

10 pm
Dan Aran
Alex Norris (trumpet) Donny McCaslin (sax) Art Hirahara (piano) Nir Felder (guitar) Linda Oh (bass) Dan Aran (composer, drums)

5/27 Thursday (DS)
8 pm
Itai Kriss Quartet
Itai Kriss (flute) Aaron Goldberg (piano) Eric McPherson (drums) Gianluca Renzi (bass)
With this stellar quartet, flutist Itai Kriss explores Latin rhythms and middle eastern roots, as well as the funky side of Jazz, playing tunes featured on his latest album "The Shark" (2010).

10 pm
The Oz Noy Project
Oz Noy (guitar) Ari Honig (drums) Roy Assaf (piano)
Exploring guitar sounds through Jazz forms.

5/28 Friday
8 pm
Daphna Mor—East of the River
Daphna Mor (recorder) Nina Stern (recorder) Omer Avital (oud) Uri Sharlin (accordion) Shane Shanahan (percussion)
Internationally renown recorder soloists Mor and Stern have appeared playing as a duo with groups as varied as The New York Philharmonic and world music group Pharaoh's Daughter. Their latest performances together included performing as soloists in a double concerto in Carnegie Hall, and with St Luke's Orchestra in the Mostly Mozart Festival. Tonight they collaborate with leading jazz, classical and world music musicians in music from their latest album “East of the River”. Produced by world music producer Jamshied Sharifi, the music includes traditional music from the Balkans, Armenia, and Medieval Italy. www.eastoftherivermusic.com www.daphnamor.com

10 pm
Hadar Noiberg Trio
Hadar Noiberg (flute) Ziv Ravtiz (drums) Edward Perez (bass)

5/29 Saturday
8 pm
Alon Nechustan
Alon Nechustan (piano)

10 pm
Jonathan Keren/Dan Nadel/Satoshi Takeishi
Jonathan Keren (violin) Dan Nadel (guitar) Satoshi Takeishi (percussion)
An explosive fusion of Flamenco,Balkan Middle Eastern and Klezmer music.

Featuring three virtuoso musicians on flamenco guitar guitar, violin/viola and hand percussion, this trio creates and exotic world music soundscape for the 21st century.

5/30 Sunday (YT)
8 pm
Anat Cohen and Avishai Cohen
Anat Cohen (tenor sax, clarinet) Avishai Cohen (trumpet) Jason Lindner (piano) Matt Penman (bass) Johnathan Blake (drums)

10 pm
Eyal Maoz
Eyal Maoz (guitar) Brian Marsella (keyboards) Shanir Blumenkranz (bass) Yuval Lion (drums)
Where Jazz meets New Wave, and echoes of Joy Division are counterposed with Jewish music, begins the rocking odyssey of Edom.

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