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13 September 2011

The Other Europeans Kickstarter Campaign

Dear Friends and Fans of The Other Europeans.

we're sooooo close! Thanks to the wonderful generosity of 89 backers (!), our kickstarter campaign has so far generated $8,968!We need just a little more than $1,000 to reach our goal of $10,000 and we're on way to the WOMEX and the gorgeous new double-CD launch. But if we don't reach $10,000 by Sunday, September 25, then none of the pledges turn into actual donations, the campaign fails, and we're back down to $0, a catastrophe! That's only 16 days away!

If you've already pledged a donation to the kickstarter campaign, thank you very much on behalf of the whole band! And if you've been waiting to make your pledge, there's no better moment than now, before the clock runs out. Remember - if you enjoy the music of The Other Europeans, for a mere $20 pledge you will receive a code that lets you download all of the music on the new double-CD. For higher pledges you can receive the CD itself, videos of the band's trip to Moldova, and much more. But ONLY if we reach the goal of $10,000. So please consider making a donation pledge now and help the splendor of The Other Europeans to go on shining! Thank you!


Best wishes to all, Alan Bern

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