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18 August 2019


Hot Six-Piece Band Launch Rare U.S. Tour

Mames Babegenush unleash a sonic crossroads where east unexpectedly meets north! The young Danish band's unique musical fusion marries their strong Scandinavian roots and elements of jazz with the vibrant dance music and klezmer traditions of eastern Europe. From the contemplative ambience of Nordic snowscapes to the lively weddings of Romania, the music of Mames Babegenush exudes a sense of both poignant melancholy and irresistibly danceable exuberance.

Since forming in Copenhagen in 2004, the six-piece group has dazzled audiences and critics alike with their fresh vision and musical gumption, establishing themselves as one of Europe's premiere klezmer-jazz ensembles. Their long list of awards includes the Danish Music Award for Best World Album of The Year and three prizes awarded by the prestigious International Jewish Music Festival in Amsterdam, including the Jury and Audience Prizes.

Live onstage, Mames Babegenush are a memorable experience, delivering dazzlingly original and dynamic performances. They have toured the world extensively, including Carnegie Hall, Chicago World Music Festival, Lotus Fest, Roskilde Festival, The Royal Danish Theatre, Bergen International Festival, Klezmer Fürth, Teatro Independencia, Paradiso,and the New York Gypsy Festival alongside such artists as Gogol Bordello, David Krakauer, and the Amsterdam Klezmer Band.

This summer, as they gear up for a new album release in the months ahead, they return to American shores and points in-between for a string of rare concert appearances:

The band's last release Mames Babegenush with Strings (2018) offers up a mix of original compositions and audience favorites, recorded live with a string quartet in Copenhagen. A new album is in the works now, with release anticipated this winter -- but first, this summer, American audiences will be treated to a taste of the rich Nordic-Jewish-Balkan musical stew cooked up by this superb Danish ensemble, featuring the powerhouse lineup of Emil Goldschmidt (clarinet), Lukas Bjørn Rande (tenor & alto sax), Bo Rande (flügelhorn, pocket trumpet), Nicolai Kornerup (accordion), Andreas Møllerhøj (double bass), and Morten Æro (drums). It's guaranteed to be delicious. 

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